Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going once . . . Going twice . . . GONE!

This is it, folks. Your LAST chance at some Jak&Jewel originals! All of our remaining inventory will be marked down 40% and available to purchase off-the-rack THIS SATURDAY!

Location: 1212 Huntingdon Drive, Winston 27106
Time: 7-11am (yeah - that's 7am. come on, you know you're up anyway)

Why so early? Here's the story. We (Angela and Blake and the girls) are adopting! We've got one foot all in and the other foot standing firmly on "um, where are we going to come up with the money for all this?" SO, this Saturday is our first attempt at raising some much needed adoption money with a good old fashioned yard sale (7-11am is making much more sense now, huh?) So, it's a win-win really! You get the cutest kid around, and we're one step closer to getting ours!

Not interested in the clothes? Kate and Anneliese will be selling baked goods (f.y.i., they are very serious about their bake sales. this is the good stuff, folks) and there will be lots more to rummage through. We'd love to see you!

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  1. Good luck working towards your adoption! We know quite a few folks (and now four more!) who are at some stage in the process - exciting!